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Travel on a Modest Budget: Spain and Portugal in Review 13.02.2017
Cabo da Roca Portugal - Where the Land Ends 22.12.2016
Lisbon, Portugal - The Second Oldest City in Europe 21.12.2016
Evora Portugal - Ancient Cromlech Older than Stonehenge 18.12.2016
The Algarve: Albufeira, Portugal 16.12.2016
Seville Spain - Flamenco, Guitars, Budget Palace 13.12.2016
The Alahambra - Granada Spain 11.12.2016
The Coast of the Sun - Malaga Spain (Costa del Sol) 10.12.2016
Ancient Dolmens near Antequera Spain 07.12.2016
Barcelona Spain: Cheap Seats at the Opera 06.12.2016
Hello Again - Spain and Portugal 23.11.2016